Things On My Plate / by Irfan Yang

We enter into the second month of 2019. Hope everyone’s doing well?

Here’s the things on my plate as of now.

A Poster

I’m drawing a poster now that will showcase a few characters of a story idea I have.

An Entirely New Blog

Yeap, I’ve just started this blog but I’m making another one. This will be about minimizing. Coming soon in February for a soft launch, then a proper launch in later that month.

Craft Items

Some new bracelets and paracord creations are coming up, with focus on themes like Freddie Mercury, etc.

New Illustrations

I’ve got a list of illustrations planned out for the year. I’m trying to draw more story into my pieces as part of my journey into masterhood.

I’ll post more info on these on here, as they happen. The inherent problem with being self-employed is the double-edged sword of being on your own schedule.

Maybe it’s time to use that calendar I bought.