Things On My Plate by Irfan Yang

We enter into the second month of 2019. Hope everyone’s doing well?

Here’s the things on my plate as of now.

A Poster

I’m drawing a poster now that will showcase a few characters of a story idea I have.

An Entirely New Blog

Yeap, I’ve just started this blog but I’m making another one. This will be about minimizing. Coming soon in February for a soft launch, then a proper launch in later that month.

Craft Items

Some new bracelets and paracord creations are coming up, with focus on themes like Freddie Mercury, etc.

New Illustrations

I’ve got a list of illustrations planned out for the year. I’m trying to draw more story into my pieces as part of my journey into masterhood.

I’ll post more info on these on here, as they happen. The inherent problem with being self-employed is the double-edged sword of being on your own schedule.

Maybe it’s time to use that calendar I bought.

Closing On A Good Note by Irfan Yang

And so we’ve come to the end of 2018.

I hope it was good for you, I really do.

I learned many new things this year; paracord crafting, taking care of personal life matters and just freelancing as always. I’ve had the privilege to have worked with exceptional people who taught me a lot and no doubt increased my own value as a person.

It’s been kind to me, kinder than previous years. There were periods of intense growth and changes; lots of ups and downs; venturing outside of my comfort zone.

It was also this year that I had embarked on my journey through minimalism.

Maybe I’ll make a dedicated blog to my Minimalist lifestyle.

Favourite Quote:

My favourite quote I only learned this year was: “Embrace The Suck”.

One thing I’ve learned:

Focusing on Positivity is as unhealthy as dwelling in negativity. Instead, I’ve learned that its much better to concentrate on remaining Calm.

Happiness is just another state of which the see-saw of emotions can tilt, and so it is entirely possible for it to tilt back into negativity. Calmness is Balance.

I’m looking forward to 2019, as I anticipate there will be many, many more challenges and obstacles to overcome. It’s all in good spirits.

Thank you all, and have a Happy New Year.

On Paracord Crafting by Irfan Yang

It’s been about a month since I’ve started paracord crafting.

I’ve made bracelets, keychains and lanyards, all of which I’ve learned to make online.

After posting shots of my creations for fun on social media, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the support of friends who were eager to buy and order customized bracelets from me.


Paracord Galore

Since then, what started out as a hobby of mine became an endeavor, and I’ve had to order different colours of material online to craft for the orders I’m getting.

The fun is in sourcing the materials like beads, jewelry and other ornaments, and then coming up with new designs.

The challenge is quite engaging and the reward in making something that looks great is part of why I’m also an artist, I think?

WIP - A Minute To Breathe by Irfan Yang

A Minute.jpg

The inks are done for my latest illustration, titled “A Minute To Breathe”, which was inspired by the song of the same name. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross composed the soundtrack for Before The Flood which documented climate change and aired on National Geographic.

I was also inspired by images I’d seen of animals found with plastic and trash in their stomachs after ingesting them due to advanced pollution of the oceans.

Music can affect me in a lot of ways and this song no doubt was rather heavy for me.

Besides that was the message behind it, which inspired me to reflect on just how much damage we’ve done and are still doing to the world we live in.

I figured this would be a good chance to create something with that meaning.

I’ll be colouring in this piece soon.


Welcome by Irfan Yang


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Here I post my Art Updates, News on Events and Writings on Minimalism.

Between my Graphic Design work, Illustrations and Craft projects, I’m kept quite busy with all sorts of creative endeavors.

I try to write regularly when I can so make sure you’re subscribed. Don’t worry, I won’t spam your inboxes.

Take Care,